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Investment Policy and Growth Strategies

Investment Policy

Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation(JHR) is the J-REIT that specifies in the hotels.
JHR has the basic principle of ensuring the steady growth and stable revenue in mid to long term view to operate asset.

Growth Strategies

JHR aims to maximize investment value of unitholders based on the following growth strategies.

External Growth Strategies
  • Acquire highly competitive hotel real estate, etc. in areas that have potential to attract "demand by both domestic and inbound leisure customers" in the medium to long-term
  • Improve profitability, stability, and quality of the overall portfolio.
Emphasize the superiority of buildings and facilities (infrastructure), operations (services), and locations of hotel real estate, etc.
Strategic investment areas
Investigation and planning of the internal growth strategy upon property acquisition.
Internal Growth Strategies Pursue both stability and upside potential by steadily implementing active asset management strategies
Planning and execution of the active asset management in order to realize pursuit in upside revenue
Planning and execution of strategic CAPEX which secure steady revenue, and monitoring of lessees
Financial Strategy
  • Ensure healthy and stable finance
  • Strengthen lender formation and relationships with financial institutions
  • Diversify financing methods